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  1. Nabei says:
    May 29,  · Famous bearers include Saint Francis Xavier (), a missionary to East Asia, the philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon (), and the explorer and admiral Sir Francis Drake (). In the English-speaking world this name is occasionally used for girls, as a variant of the homophone Frances.
  2. Mazulkree says:
    Hello! I am youtuber Boogie You might know me as Boogie, or as one of my characters Most notably the raging gamer Francis. I make vlogs, comedy sketc.
  3. Voodooramar says:
    For more of Ron Francis's Greatest Players bio, please click here. NOTES & TRANSACTIONS. Played in NHL All-Star Game (, , , )Born: Mar 01,
  4. Kagrel says:
    Francis, Duke of Guise, was one of the most famous military commanders in the royal army, and the Cardinal of Lorraine had participated in the most important negotiations and matters of the kingdom. After the young king ascended the throne, the two brothers split the custody of the kingdom: Francis became head of the army and Charles the head.
  5. Arashim says:
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  6. Zulkigar says:
    Francis II (French: François), King of France and King Consort of Scotland, was one of the male leads and deuteragonist. He was the eldest son of Henry II and Catherine de' Medici, the older brother of Elisabeth, Claude, Charles, Emone, Henrietta and Henry III, the younger half-brother of Sebastian and Clarissa, Mary Stuart's husband, and the father of an unborn child with Mary and son with branyvattalirosessupoonasimpu.coinfo Appearance: Pilot.
  7. Kalabar says:
    Francis Ngannou official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Heavyweight fighter from France.
  8. Vitaxe says:
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