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Sleepyhead - Bows - Blush (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ Sleepyhead - Bows - Blush (CD, Album)

  1. Ganos says:
    Chapter Text. when hayoung’s crying wakes yoongi up again, he groans and flops over to the side. jungkook is there, curled up into the bedspread, pretending he can’t hear shit for shit. he looks cute, admittedly, in one of yoongi’s sweaters scrunching up against his shoulders, but oh god the crying- “it’s your turn,” jungkook mutters, and yoongi thinks it must be really bad if it.
  2. Mogrel says:
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  3. Toshura says:
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  4. Murr says:
    “Good morning, sleepyhead!” Hair pulled back and in a long braid down her back, and wearing simple linen slacks and a turquoise tank top, she greeted me as I entered the kitchen. Then gave me another of those nerve jangling kisses. “I gather you slept well?” “Too well. I .
  5. Nitilar says:
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  6. Faunris says:
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  7. Nell says:
    "Blush" lives up to its name -- colorful and sweet. The lush instrumentation and dreamy vocals soften the uneasiness of Bows' debut, and make this a wonderful trip-hop album. Highly recommended/5(2).
  8. Faular says:
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