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  1. Jut says:
    This sounds like a Hard Drive problem. Perhaps the file is being written on bad sectors of your disk. Run the ScanDisk utility that comes with Win98 a few times and see if that clears up the problem. This also may have something to do with not having enough space on your Hard Disk. Back some things up and remove them from the disk or buy another Hard Disk if you have less than megs left on it.
  2. Nikotilar says:
    What I'm a little hazy on is which dial plan applications imply a full Answer() and which don't; I do not remember if Playback() is one of the ones that doesn't imply it, but if that's so, it would explain the lack of CDR.
  3. Mogrel says:
    Jul 04,  · I recieved another review letter earlier this month and am having problems and need advise. My first review they sent me to there doctor for a consultation. no problem easy peasy. this time they want me to have my pycologist or pychiatrist do the review. the problem is i have not been to a pychiatrist in over a year due to the expense. i cant.
  4. Malagis says:
    Oct 26,  · However, my PC does not seem to be able to recognise the disc in either my DVD+/-RW (read/write) 16x drive or my DVD-ROM (Reader) 16x IDE drive, as both drives keep asking me to put a disc in, even although the disc is present in the drive. The CD-R disc is not faulty or corrupted as it is still working perfectly in my old PC.
  5. Kazisida says:
    Hello there, I am having a few problems running CDR on a CUCM server. So here goes: 1. First of all, in the Disaster Recovery System, when I try to perform a manual backup of the system, in the Select Features section I do not see the CDR_CAR option, even dough CDR .
  6. Dajas says:
    Jan 06,  · 1. The volume path in CDR DICOM is normally a UNC path-(Example \\Server\Images\) for a network installation 2. Open the CDR Data Administration Utility and click on "Tools" > "Show Volumes". 3. If this is a standalone system then the default path can be the C:\Images\ (Highlight the volume path and click "Modify Volume" if you need to change.
  7. Mihn says:
    Jul 29,  · I got a similar problem now. But the problem happened after I tried the install "too many times" So here is my scenario: Application A - Ver Application A - Ver They currently have V1 installed. The V installation automatically detects an older version and does an upgrade (not with SCCM Supersedence, but the software itself).
  8. Dogrel says:
    Jun 09,  · Problem is not the brand but the type. But again, I use normal Maxell CD-R Music. 80 min. MB "For use in CD-R audio recorders and CD-R computer drives." And I tried also Memorex (not .

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