No Way/No Future - ... Today, Im Dead. - Menstrual Gold (CD)

9 thoughts on “ No Way/No Future - ... Today, Im Dead. - Menstrual Gold (CD)

  1. Muk says:
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  2. Basar says:
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  3. Shaktile says:
    Jul 27,  · But have no fear a new format will soon solve all our problems, so we can buy the albums we had on 78, then on 33, then on tape then on CD, then on super CD.
  4. Kazralkis says:
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  5. Kishakar says:
    The piece is still dreamy and atmospheric, but in a more psychedelic way. Although contributions from Rose McDowall and HOH point towards the near-future of the band, In Menstrual Night is a Current 93 album largely unlike anything before it or since. The album is notoriously lacking in immediacy, but, given time, is the epitome of a 'grower'.
  6. Kizahn says:
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  7. Taramar says:
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  8. Jurg says:
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  9. Visar says:
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